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HiTech Technology

HiTech Technology Co., Ltd, founded in China in 2011.

We are committed to the pursuit of “High quality LED lighting manufacturer”, focused on environmental protection, energy saving and long life LED lighting product development and production, to provide customers with a better LED lighting solutions.

We are manufacture LED corn lights, LED high bay lights, LED garden lamp and LED downlights, a dozen varieties, hundreds models.Sufficient to meet the diverse needs of different customers.


HiTech Factory

HiTech Technology Co., Ltd has been committed to China’s high-quality LED lighting products to the global enterprise through the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, all products passed the CE RoHS certification and compliance with U.S. UL mandatory standards.

Our products have been exported to Europe, the United States, South America, Australia and the Middle East, more than 20 countries and regions, to obtain a global customer recognition and appreciation.



Contact: Lydia Lee; Seven Song

Phone: +86-132 6665 2728

Tel: +86-135 9757 9032

Email: lydia@uhite.com seven@uhite.com

Add: No. 28, Commercial 3 road, Trade and logistics city, Macheng. P.R.China

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