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海创科技有限公司(以下简称“海创科技”)承诺本公司所售出的所有LED灯具都通过本公司 QC 部门严格的质量检测,已达到出厂标准,并提供三年售后保障服务。具体保修条款如下:

HiTech Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HiTECH LED”) promises that all LED lamps sold by the company have passed the strict quality inspection of the QC department of the company, and have reached the shipping standard and provided three -year after-sales guarantee service. The specific warranty terms are as follows.



Warranty range


本产品质保协议适用于与我司直接联系的国外客户,质保期以外的维修服务海创科技仅收取器件费和运输包装费(生产日期以产品上的 DATE CODE 为准)。与我司合作的贸易公司和国内代理商的产品质保另行协商。

Under normal use of the luminaire, if it is confirmed by HiTECH LED or confirmed by a third-party organization that it is a quality problem of the product itself, we will provide free replacement service for the product within 12 months from the date of production; From the thirteenth month to the thirty-sixth month, we provide free repair service to our customers, free replacement parts and free shipping charges for accessories. If the products need to be repaired, the shipping cost of returning to our company will be borne by the customer.

This product warranty agreement applies to foreign customers who contact us directly. The maintenance service outside the warranty period HiTECH LED only charges the device fee and transportation packaging fee (the date of manufacture is based on the DATE CODE on the product). The product warranty of the trading company and domestic agent that cooperates with our company will be negotiated separately.



The following situations are beyond service for free

  1. 所购产品已超出保修时间范围;

The purchased product has exceeded the warranty time range.

  1. 由非海创科技授权维修人员擅自拆卸、维修、改装产品所造成的损坏;

Non-HiTECH LED authorized maintenance personnel to disassemble, repair, modify the damage caused by the product.

  1. 未按产品规格书的要求安装、使用所引起的故障;

Failure to install and use in accordance with the requirements of the product specification.

  1. 因挤压或跌落而造成的故障、因进水造成的损坏;

Failure caused by squeezing or falling, damage caused by water ingress.

  1. 因不可抗拒的外力造成损坏,如火灾、地震、雷电等;

Damage caused by irresistible external forces such as fire, earthquake, lightning, etc.

  1. 个别灯长时间使用后可能会出现 0.1%-0.2% 的灯珠不亮,属正常现象,不列入返修范围。

Individual lamps may appear 0.1%-0.2% of the lamp bead after a long period of use. This is normal and is not a product quality problem.




  1. 我司在免费提供电源、PCB 板、灯珠等配件后,用户需将对应损坏的部件返还我公司;

After the company provides a free power supply, PCB board, lamp beads, and other accessories, the user needs to return the damaged parts to our company.

  1. 我司 E40/E39 和 E27/E26 灯头系列灯具如 LED 工矿灯和 LED 玉米灯等,除防水和防尘系列以外,不得使用或安装于密封的环境或装置内;

Our E40/E39 and E27/E26 lamp series lamps, such as LED high bay lights and LED corn lamps, should not be used or installed in a sealed environment or device except for the waterproof and dustproof series.

  1. 对本指南的最终解释权归海创科技有限公司所有。

HiTECH LED has the final interpretation of this directory.





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