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海创科技有限公司(以下简称“海创科技”)承诺本公司所售出的所有 LED 灯具都通过本公司 QC 部门质量检测,达到出货标准,并提供三年售后保障服务。具体保修内容如下:

HiTech Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “HiTECH LED”) guarantee that all of the LED lights being sold are QC passed, and meet the shipping standards with 3 years warranty. Specific terms are as follows:



Warranty range:

灯具正常使用情况下,经我司确认或是第三方权威机构检测确认属于本身质量问题的产品,自生产之日起十二个月内,我司提供产品免费更换服务;自第十三个月起至第三十六个月止,我司向客户提供免费维修服务。免费提供更换的配件寄出的运费由海创科技承担,产品返修寄回的运费由客户承担。且我司只承担与我司直接联系的客户间的产品问题责任。质保期以外的维修服务海创科技仅收取器件费和运输包装费(生产日期以产品上的 DATE CODE 为准)。

Under normal use, lamps verified to be the quality problem by HiTECH LED or the third-party testing authority, HiTECH LED will offer exchange service within 12 months from the production date, from the thirteenth month to the thirty-sixth month, HiTECH LED will offer free repair service, shipping freight caused by the warranty process will be borne by the shipper (that’s, shipping freight for the returned parts shall be borne by the buyer and the redelivered new parts shall be borne by HiTech). HiTECH LED will only bear the responsibility of our direct contact clients. For maintenance service beyond guaranty, HiTECH LED will only charge for the parts and shipping freight. The production date is subject to the Date Code on the products.



The following situations are beyond service for free:

1. 所购产品已超出保修时间;

The products have been exceeded the warranty period.

2. 非海创科技授权维修人员擅自拆卸、维修、改装所造成的损坏;

Damage caused by serviceman’s disassembly, maintenance, refit without HiTECH LED’s authorization.

3. 未按规格书的要求安装、操作所引起的故障;

The breakdown caused by substandard installation or operation not according to the specification requirements.

4. 因移动或跌落而造成的故障、因进水造成的损坏、产品划伤或破损

The breakdown caused by the move, drop, water seepage, or scoring.

5. 因不可抗拒力造成损坏的,如火灾、地震、雷电等;

Damage caused by the irresistible force factor, such as fire, earthquake, thunder, and lightning, etc.

6. 个别灯会出现 0.1%-0.2% 灯珠的死珠情况属正常现象,不列入返修范围;

It’s the normal phenomenon that 0.1%-0.2% LED chips burnt out on the lamp, this is out of the range of repair or exchange.




1. 我司在免费提供电源、PCB 板、灯珠等配件后,用户需将对应损坏的部件返还我公司;

Clients should return the damaged parts to HiTECH LED after receipt of HiTECH LED’s offer for free new parts, such as power supply, PCB Plate, and LED Chip, etc.

2. 我司 E40/E39 和 E27/E26 灯头系列灯具如 LED 工矿灯和 LED 玉米灯等,除防水和防尘系列以外,不得使用或安装于密封的环境或者装置内。且使用前必须摘除传统装置上的镇流器或变压器。

HiTECH LED’s E40/E39 and E27/E26 series lights like LED high bay light and LED corn light, except the waterproof and dustproof series, could not be used or installed in a sealed environment or fixture. And before installation, the traditional ballast or transformer on the fixture must be removed.

3. 对本指南的最终解释权归海创科技有限公司所有。

The final interpretation of this directory will be owned by HiTECH LED.




Revision date: 2019.01

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