Gree adopts Violeds UV LED technology for new products of air conditioning

In April of this year, after being tested by Korea University Research Center, Seoul Viosys’ Violeds UV LED technology was proven to kill 99.9% of the new coronavirus in 30 seconds. In May, Seoul Viosys announced that its Violeds UVC LED products for clean laundry have been mass-produced and have been supplied to China’s well-known household appliance manufacturers Hisense and Haier for sterilization and deodorization between the inner and outer cylinders of washing machines. Sterilize with water.

Recently, the company announced another cooperation with Gree, another Chinese household appliance brand. Gree will launch Fresh Air, a new air-conditioning product series that uses Violeds UV LED technology.

The UV LED built into the air conditioner will sterilize and sterilize the surface of the evaporator and indoor air pollutants (various harmful viruses and bacteria) sucked into the air conditioner to ensure the continuous discharge of fresh air. Normally, the traditional household air conditioner cools and filters the air drawn into the air conditioner, and then discharges it again, and continuously circulates it. However, when viruses are present indoors, this recirculation of indoor air may spread through aerosols leading to a high risk of infection.

After testing by the Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology in China, Gree confirmed that its new Fresh Air air conditioner with Violeds UV LED technology has an inactivation rate of 99.15% against viruses and bacteria, and it is effective against enteroviruses such as EV71 and H1N1 influenza virus. The inactivation rate was 98%, and the inactivation rate for Staphylococcus albicans was 99%.

Since this year, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, various commercial and household sterilization and purification systems have accelerated the introduction of UV LED products. Products using UV LED technology have gradually become an important solution for users to pursue a healthy environment and life. Consumer demand The growth will continue to promote the development process of UV LED technology and related products.

According to the report of “2020 Deep UV LED Application Market and Brand Strategy”, looking forward to 2020, compared with the past, UV LED manufacturers rely on price competition to obtain brand and consumer market acceptance. Recently, under the influence of new coronaviruses, brands and consumers The awareness of sterilization and purification has greatly increased. The heat of UVC LED products has increased significantly after the Chinese New Year. UVC LED will also have the opportunity to steadily increase the market output value. With the stability of UVC LED technology and the improvement of brand acceptance, the UV industry can finally usher in a growth outbreak in 2020.