The Detroit Lighting Authority has completed the replacement of nearly 20,000 faulty LED street lights

Perhaps everyone remembers that the LED lights were prematurely dimmed and “blind”, the Detroit Lighting Authority sued the streetlight supplier, and the incident has made new progress. The Detroit City Public Lighting Authority announced on Monday that it is expected to complete the replacement of nearly 20,000 LED street lights, which are flawed, leading to […]


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2019

The Mid-Autumn Festival is our Chinese traditional festival and falls on August 15th of the lunar calendar. Along with the old myths of “Cháng’é bēn yuè”, this festival is handed down to today. In the ancient past, there was a hero named Hou Yi who was excellent at archery. His wife was Chang’e. One year, […]


8 Features that make LED UFO high bay light so popular

UFO high bay lights are in great demand indeed according to customers’ feedback and repeat orders, their popularity has been proved on many occasions. It’s a new form of the high bay in the market and they already took the place of the traditional high bay lamp / industrial light, because of proven performance and […]


LED lighting system will be used in 126 subway stations in Delhi, India

According to Indian media reports, India Delhi Metro has taken the lead in changing the lighting systems of the first and second phases of the 126 subway stations from traditional lights to modern LED lighting systems. It is worth noting that several subway stations have received many complaints about “black lighting areas”, and crimes such […]


If a new round of 10% tariff implementation is imposed, these lighting products will be affected

Since 2018, the United States has imposed a 25% tariff on China’s total exports worth $250 billion. In the early morning of August 2, US President Trump announced on his Twitter that he would impose a 10% tariff on the remaining US$300 billion of products exported to the US from September 1. This round of […]


Romantic Qixi Festival, HiTECH LED lights up for love

The seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar is a traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, old and romantic. The window can be seen in the sky, the Milky Way, the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl are meeting, and the whispers between men and women can be heard under the melon and fruit trees. […]


Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province began to transform classroom lighting in some schools

Recently, Zhongshan National Lighting Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (hereinafter referred to as “National Lighting Center”) was commissioned by a school in Zhongshan District to conduct lighting evaluation and testing on its classrooms. National lighting center inspectors in accordance with relevant standards, on blackboards and classroom desktops. On-site measurement of illuminance and illuminance uniformity was […]


A city in Cyprus upgrades street lighting with LED lights, with an estimated 67% energy savings

The Mediterranean country of Larnaca City in Cyprus and the local power bureau have signed a contract for the supply and installation of LED street lighting, which is expected to bring about 67% energy savings. The power bureau will install a total of 8,300 LED street lights to upgrade urban road lighting at a total […]


In response to global energy conservation and environmental protection initiatives, global gas stations are accelerating the switch to LED lights

Gas stations are an important part of urban public services. They are a place that needs to be open 24 hours a day. Therefore, more efficient energy-saving lighting is needed, which not only saves operating costs, but also conforms to the global concept of promoting energy conservation and environmental protection. Conventional gas station lights often […]


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