Portable UVC LED disinfection lamp product display-1

Portable UVC LED disinfection lamp is not known to all before the outbreak of new coronavirus, it mainly used in hospitals or other public places. But the world is responding to the severe challenges at the beginning of the 2020 year posed by the new coronavirus pneumonia unpredictable which makes it popular. People worldwide are forced to stay at home, wear masks, and often disinfect when going out.

It is very important for us to take action in this case. Many people or business owners are using like 35W 60W 120W UVC disinfection lamps to sterilize their houses/offices/stores/food shops/hotels/restaurants/schools/fitness rooms etc. What should we do about the small things/belongings that we touch daily and frequently by ourselves or others considering we do need to go outside? Below UVC portable/handheld wand is a good option that you have to check.

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