E40 30W LED street bulb

E40 30W LED street bulb, E39 30W LED street light, E27 30W LED road lights, 30W LED retrofit light. 30W Philips LED chip, 3300Lm high brightness.

E40 40W LED street bulb

E40 40W LED street bulb, E39 40W LED street light, E27 40W LED road lights, 40W LED retrofit light. 40W Philips LED chip, 3960Lm high brightness.

E40 60W LED street bulb

E40 60W LED street bulb, E39 60W LED street light, E27 60W LED road lights, 60W LED retrofit light. 60W Philips LED chip, 5940Lm high brightness.

E40 80W LED street bulb

E40 80W LED street bulb, E39 80W LED street light, E27 80W LED road lamps, 80W LED retrofit light. 80W Philips LED chip, 7920Lm high brightness.

E40 100W LED street bulb

High power E40 100W LED street bulb, E39 100W LED street light, E27 100W LED road lamps, 100W LED retrofit light. 100W Philips LED chip, 9900Lm high brightness.

E40 120W LED street bulb

High power E40 120W LED street bulb, E39 120W LED street light, E27 120W LED road lamps, 120W LED retrofit light. 120W Philips LED chip, 14000Lm high brightness.

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