Chile Football Training Field LED Stadium Light Project

Chile Football Training Field Lighting Project-LED Stadium Light

The client’s project, near the Chilean capital Santiago, was part of a soccer training ground, a standard size soccer field containing six smaller soccer training fields. Because it was used as a training purpose and not televised, the brightness requirements for the field lighting were not as high.

There are 10 existing light poles around the training field with a height of 20 meters, and each pole uses a 2500W traditional floodlight, and the light brightness cannot meet the training requirements. After our lighting simulation, we can use 40pcs 700W LED stadium lights for replacement, or 50pcs 600W LED stadium lights for replacement, 5 lights on each pole. So that the overall average brightness of the court to more than 300LUX, fully meet the night training lighting requirements.


600W LED stadium light product link:

600W LED stadium flood light

600W LED sport flood light 

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