Lamps USA LED light design

LED lights — light emitting diodes — have proliferated their way through the lighting industry. Lights & lamps no longer have limited designs centering on the filament bulb (although vintage Edison bulbs are quite the hot item — not the LED version though).

LED lights are great because they emit far less heat, which is great for lights & lamps of all kinds. During a hot summer, everything helps, and having LED lights for your lamp light helps keep the heat down (same with the energy bill).

LED lights typically save consumers 80% in energy costs over the standard filament bulb. Plus, LED lights can be even brighter! That’s just part of the many, many reasons to switch to LED lights.

all sconces and vanity lights can now be so close to the wall that they are almost impossible to see as separate from the wall (that’s good lighting, folks).

Lamps USA has even been a developer of their own line of Bright Reader LED lights. These top selling LED lights come in floor lamps and table lamps.

LED Lights have only scratched the surface. All sorts of interesting new wall sconces, vanity lights, floor lamps, table lamps, Pendants, and more come out each week. It’s an exciting time to sell the best lighting, because the best lighting just got better with LED lights.

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