Real shots of customized LED bulb products

Real shots of customized LED bulb products.

LED bulbs are the most widely used LED lighting products, which can simply replace traditional E27, E26 and B22 energy-saving lamps or incandescent bulbs.

Early LED bulbs are all pure aluminum metal shells for heat dissipation, solid materials, beautiful appearance, and good quality. With the advancement of LED lighting technology, the brightness of the light source is getting higher and higher, the heat is getting smaller and smaller, and the driving technology is also developing rapidly. Now the cost of LED bulbs has been greatly reduced.

Now the mainstream LED bulbs on the market are almost all plastic shells, which are simple to drive and light in weight. Therefore, in terms of product quality, they are not as good as earlier LED bulbs.

These are all real photos of HiTECH LED’s LED bulbs in the past few years. Almost all of them are customized products. The beautiful shape and excellent quality can be seen from the photos.

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