1200W LED sport light

1200W LED sport flood light, 1200W LED sport light, 1200W LED flood light, high power 1200W LED flood lights. High-quality Philips LED chip, 168000Lm high brightness. 25° 45°& 60° beam angle.

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1200W LED sport flood light, 1200W LED sport light, 1200W LED flood light, high power 1200W LED flood lights. High-quality Philips LED chip, 168000Lm high brightness. 25° 45°& 60° beam angle, IP66 waterproof, 50,000 hours lifetime and 3 years warranty. 1200W LED sport flood light can replace traditional high power 3600W HID.


Lighting costs for sports venues are the most important energy expenditure for most sports venues. Traditional stadium lighting fixtures consume more electricity than modern LED lighting products. Using LED stadium lights can save energy up to 70%. Long-term use of traditional lighting products will cause problems such as illuminance attenuation, dark yellow light, and uneven illumination. High-quality LED lamps can provide bright and uniform lighting for the entire stadium. The color temperature of LED stadium lights is closer to natural sunlight, which is very helpful for color reproduction and motion capture, which greatly improves the viewing of competitive sports.

  • Using imported high-power LED light source, high efficiency and energy saving, up to 70% energy saving than traditional stadium lamps.
  • Professionally designed sports court optical glass lens, professional anti-glare design, improve the eye comfort of athletes on the court.
  • The uniform high illumination and high color rendering index ensure that the players and the ball are clearly visible on the court, restore the real beauty of the court, and meet the needs of professional court lighting.
  • Professional light distribution design. The lens has a variety of light distribution angles, which can flexibly respond to various court application requirements.
  • Symmetrical optical light distribution to achieve uniform illumination of the central area. Polarized light distribution can concentrate the light in the effective lighting range of the stadium, reduce light spillage, and greatly reduce light pollution to the surrounding environment.
  • Using Meanwell constant voltage and constant current drive, instant start, 0.95 power factor, high power efficiency, safe and reliable.
  • The surface of the lamp is treated with a special process, and the radiator is treated with anodizing to ensure the best thermal conductivity. Other auxiliary components are resistant to high temperatures and weather, which effectively extends the service life of the lamp.
  • The LED light source is sealed with reliable silicon rubber, resistant to high temperature of 150℃, and the lamp body has good sealing performance, IP66 waterproof and dustproof grade.
  • This product is widely used in outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts, football courts, badminton courts and various indoor stadiums and other stadium lighting places.

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Techical Info
Watt 1200W
Light Socket Mounting brackets
Power Supply DONE / Meanwell
Input Voltage AC85-305V
Power Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Power Factor 0.95
LED Chip PHILIPS 5050 LED Chip
System Efficacy 140LM / W (CCT=2700-6500K)
Color Temperature Warm White / Natural White / Cool White (2700-6500K)
CRI Ra80
Beam Angle 25° / 40° / 60°
IP Rating IP66
Radiator Thick aluminum shell
Housing Die-cast aluminum
Working Temperature -30℃ – 60℃
Working Humidity 15% – 90% RH
Lifespan 50,000 Hrs (LM70 @ 35℃)
Dimensions 620*645*380mm
Net Weight 33.0 Kg
Warranty 3 years / 5 years
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