Explore 250W LED stadium light

250W LED stadium light, 250W LED sport light, 250W LED football lights. Philips LED chip, 150Lm/W high brightness. 25° 45° & 60° beam angle, IP66 waterproof, 50,000 hours lifetime and 5 years warranty.

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250W LED stadium light, 250W LED sport light, 250W LED football lights. Philips LED chip, 150Lm/W high brightness. 25° 45° & 60° beam angle, IP66 waterproof, 50,000 hours lifetime and 5 years warranty. 250W LED stadium light can replace traditional high power 750W HID.


Conquer the Night with Explore Series LED Stadium Lights – Unleash the Power of Illumination on a Grand Scale!

Are you ready to transform your stadium, sports arena, or any large outdoor space into a breathtaking spectacle of light? Look no further than the Explore Series LED Stadium Lights – the ultimate lighting solution that brings nighttime events to life with unmatched brilliance and power!

Here’s why the Explore Series LED Stadium Lights are the perfect choice for your grand-scale lighting needs:

  1. Towering Brightness: Prepare to be dazzled by the sheer brilliance of the Explore Series! Ranging from 250W to an astonishing 1500W, these stadium lights illuminate vast areas with a powerful and uniform glow, leaving no corner in darkness. Watch as your stadium comes alive with breathtaking visibility that keeps athletes and spectators alike enthralled.
  2. Energy-Efficient Titans: Embrace lighting that’s not only powerful but also eco-conscious! The Explore Series LED Stadium Lights are designed with cutting-edge energy-saving technology, significantly reducing power consumption compared to traditional stadium lighting systems. Shine bright while being responsible to the environment and your budget.
  3. Robust and Weather-Resistant: Built to withstand the elements, the Explore Series is a fortress of durability. These stadium lights are crafted with weather-resistant materials, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging weather conditions. Rain or shine, you can count on the Explore Series to deliver unparalleled illumination.
  4. Flicker-Free Action: Say goodbye to flickering lights and hello to uninterrupted action! The Explore Series LED Stadium Lights offer flicker-free performance, providing clear and stable lighting for high-speed sports events and captivating night performances.
  5. Customizable Excellence: Tailor your lighting experience with the Explore Series. These stadium lights come with various beam angles and adjustable mounting options, allowing you to focus light precisely where it’s needed. Illuminate the field, stage, or any specific area with the perfect brightness and coverage.
  6. Long-Range Illumination: The Explore Series boasts an exceptional beam distance that ensures a stunning range of coverage. From high-flying footballs to theatrical performances, these lights keep the spotlight where it belongs, captivating everyone under their glow.
  7. Future-Ready Innovation: The Explore Series represents the latest advancements in stadium lighting technology. With smart lighting control options and potential for upgrades, these lights are designed to stay ahead of the game, ensuring your stadium stays brilliantly lit for years to come.

Elevate your stadium experience and capture the magic of nighttime events with Explore Series 250W-1500W LED Stadium Lights. Embrace the power of illumination on a grand scale and create memories that will be etched in the minds of athletes and spectators alike. Conquer the night with the Explore Series – where brilliance meets performance in perfect harmony!


  • 250W-1500W module design
  • 25° / 45° / 60° beam angle
  • The whole lamp 180° adjustable
  • Thickened die-cast aluminum housing
  • Thermal convection cooling design
  • 150Lm/W high brightness
  • Philips LED + Meanwell IP67 driver
  • Various installation methods are available
  • Optional custom shade
  • Infrared sight auxiliary installation
  •  Ingress Protection IP66, impact grade IK08
  • 5 years warranty



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Technical Info
Watt 250W
Light Socket Mounting brackets
Power Supply MOSO / Meanwell
Input Voltage AC100-305V
Power Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Power Factor 0.95
System Efficacy 150LM / W (CCT=2700-6500K)
Color Temperature Warm White / Natural White / Cool White (2700-6500K)
CRI Ra80
Beam Angle 25° / 45° / 60°
IP Rating IP66
Radiator Thick aluminum shell
Housing Die-cast aluminum
Working Temperature -30℃ – 60℃
Working Humidity 15% – 90% RH
Lifespan 50,000 Hrs (LM70 @ 35℃)
Dimensions 430*320*170mm
Net Weight 5.8 Kg
Warranty 5 years
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