8 Features that make LED UFO high bay light so popular

UFO LED high bay lights

UFO high bay lights are in great demand indeed according to customers’ feedback and repeat orders, their popularity has been proved on many occasions. It’s a new form of the high bay in the market and they already took the place of the traditional high bay lamp / industrial light, because of proven performance and good price.

Let’s take a closer look and understand it more thoroughly as below:

  1. UFO high bay lamp, named for its unique shape and beauty alike UFO (unidentified flying object), small size and light weight. They have a beautiful dome-shaped skeleton and boasts LEDs that lights up any space brightly.
  2. Super brightness up to 130-150lm/W. High-efficiency 3030 LED chips which have more uniform lighting and by using the optical lens which makes it’s possible to offer with optimum bright lighting and at the same time using minimum space.
  3. Better heat dissipation performance. The light source and fin heat dissipation are perfectly combined to effectively transfer the heat, thereby reducing the temperature inside the lamp body and effectively ensuring the life of the light source and power supply.
  4. Compact design and good appearance. They do not require any reflectors that help to refocus light and to reduce glare. In addition, the UFO High bay lights have an in-built light angle that greatly assists in directing and focusing the light much better in 60, 90, 120-degree angles.
  5. Constant current and voltage make them stable quality. The applicable voltage, such as AC85-265V / 100-240V / 100-277V / 100-305V or customized AC200-520V, which overcomes the instability caused by the ballast that generates power grid and noise pollution, also it avoids the stimulation and fatigue brought to the eye during work.
  6. IP65 high protection rating has good waterproof and dustproof performance, which make them can prevent mist effectively due to environmental temperature difference. That ensures them available to use in outdoor and indoor moist environmental conditions.
  7. Easy to install. Compared with the traditional bulky and heavy industrial lamps, their small size and light weight make them easier to install and handle. That also means saving transportation cost relatively.
  8. Dimmable models available. Although dimmable lights are commonly used to illuminate residential spaces, they’re also widely used in commercial applications. Dimmable UFO high bay lamps allow them to meet different customers’ requirements by adjusting the brightness of the light.

As a new type of industrial lamp, LED UFO high bay lights are the main force of commercial lighting now and perfect lighting solution for large and high spaces. For example, any place where the ceiling height above at 12 feet or higher is a great use case for the UFO high bay lights.

They have a wide range of applications, such as:

Warehouse, Workshop, Gymnasium, Factory, Grocery store, Distribution center, Church, School, Casinos, Retail store, Gas stations, Railway and high-speed station, Exhibition hall, Airport, Garage, Barn lighting, Canopy lighting or similar occasions.

As it’s clear from the above descriptions, the UFO LED high bay light is a wise choice for your business.


Author: Lydia Lee

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