Certification for the export of LED lamps

Europe: mandatory CE certification, ROHS certification, voluntary GS certification

United States: Mandatory FCC PART18 certification, now only recognizes the FCC DOC certificate issued by American Wood and Soil Laboratory, White UL, ETL certification

Canada: mandatory IC certification, voluntary CSA certification

Australia: Mandatory SAA certification for energy-saving lamps, voluntary SAA certification for built-in power supplies for LED lights, mandatory SAA certification for external LED power supplies, mandatory C-TICK certification for lamps, and voluntary MEPS energy efficiency certification

Japan: LED lamp for external power supply, LED lamp power supply needs PSE diamond certification, built-in power lamp voluntary PSE round certification

South Korea: LED lamp voluntary KC certification, no need to audit, energy-saving lamps mandatory KC certification, need to audit

Russia: gray customs clearance, you can clear the money

Saudi Arabia: Mandatory SASO certification, first IEC test on samples, inspection required, British standard plug

Kuwait: Mandatory KUCAS certification, with Saudi Arabia

Syria: Mandatory COC certification, an additional VOR certificate of origin, with Saudi Arabia, European standard plug

Iraq: Mandatory COC certification, with Saudi Arabia

Nigeria: Mandatory SONCAP certification, after applying for a PC certificate, apply for an SC certificate, no need to inspect the goods, apply for a bill of lading.

Kenya: Mandatory PVOC certification, similar to Saudi Arabia

South Africa: IEC inspection report can be cleared

Algeria: Mandatory COC certification, the form of certification is similar to Saudi Arabia, no Arabic instructions, English can be

Brazil: UC certification, can be transferred by CB, need to audit

Argentina: S-MARK certification, batch-by-batch certification, need to audit

Mexico: NOM certification, the certificate is valid for 1 year, after which periodic testing is required. The certificate can only be issued to local manufacturers, importers, distributors, agents.

Taiwan: Mandatory BSMI certification, no factory inspection, but must follow the rules of the Bureau of Standards.

India: Mandatory BIS certification, not yet known.

Singapore: Mandatory PSB certification, CB report can be transferred, tropical climate, no need to audit.

Brazil INMETRO certification

TheNationallnstitofofMetrology, Standardization andlndustriaIQuality (IN METRO) is the Brazilian Accreditation Body, which is responsible for the development of all-round standards.

In addition to complying with the Brazilian standards set by INMETRO, Brazilian products must also be accompanied by a mandatory INMETRO logo and certification mark, such as the UL-BR mark.

The INMETRO logo certification is divided into mandatory and voluntary categories.

Compulsory certification product categories include: medical devices, circuit separators, electrical equipment for high-risk sites, gas system equipment (pressure regulators and hoses), switches, plugs, sockets, ballasts, wire and cable, stable Pressure device.

Voluntarily certified product categories include: household appliances, IT equipment, consumer electronics, and lighting equipment.