Cree’s new red XLamp LED provides greater efficiency for plant lighting

Cree recently announced the launch of next-generation XLamp XP-E2 Photo Red (660 nm) and Far Red (730 nm) LEDs to deliver breakthrough performance for plant lighting applications.

Cree’s new Red Light XP-E2 LED can quickly improve the performance of previous generation solutions, and can achieve a maximum 68% improvement compared with similar LEDs. Cree’s higher performance LEDs for plant lighting improve the efficiency of LED luminaires, shorten the payback period, and reduce the cost of grain planting with optimized lighting solutions.

Jonathan Barton, head of plant growth lighting at Plessey Semiconductors in the United Kingdom, said: “People who are engaged in lettuce and tomato cultivation in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium are increasingly choosing our company’s Hyperion plant growth lamps (based on Cree plant lighting LEDs). As the primary source of their large indoor modern plant growth facility, our customers highly appreciate the use of Cree LED’s Hyperion luminaires. By using our advanced luminaires, one-to-one replacement of the original 1000W sodium lamp can bring up to 40% energy. Savings. We are pleased that Cree’s new LEDs are further enhanced with efficiency and ease of integration, which will help us quickly improve the performance of existing products.”

Cree’s new XP-E2 LEDs use the same optomechanical features as the previous generation, providing immediate improvements to existing XP-based plant lighting designs. The new generation of XP-E2 Far Red LEDs can achieve up to 57% improvement, while the next-generation XP-E2 Photo Red delivers up to 21% improvement, delivering industry-leading light output levels and efficiency in its performance class.

Claude Demby, senior vice president and general manager of Cree LED, said: “LEDs for special lighting, including architectural lighting and plant lighting, are a core part of our product strategy. By adopting Cree’s new Photo Red and Far Red LEDs, we can Full-spectrum LED luminaires deliver superior performance and achieve 50% energy savings over existing sodium-based lighting systems. This increase in Cray’s plant lighting LEDs also reflects our industry-leading high-power LED performance. The relentless pursuit.”

Cree’s new XLamp XP-E2 Photo Red LEDs and Far Red LEDs are now available for mass production in accordance with standard delivery times.