Delta assists Taoyuan to build a smart city LED street light energy saving more than 70%

Recently, Delta has invited the Taoyuan Municipal Government to participate in the “Taoyuan Smart Street Light Forum” to share Delta’s experience in building smart city infrastructure at home and abroad in recent years. Delta has been developing LED smart street light solutions since 2010. Up to now, it has installed more than 600,000 LED street lights around the world. The proportion of intelligent street lights that can be remotely monitored has accounted for nearly 10%, and it is growing rapidly every year. Currently, street lights are being implemented. The established Indonesian capital Jakarta also uses Delta’s intelligent street lighting system to install more than 20,000 LED smart street lights with wireless networking capabilities to move toward smart cities.

Lin Kun, Director of Delta Lighting Division, said that Delta has installed high-efficiency LED street lamps for counties and cities in the past ten years. In addition to providing high-quality lighting, Delta enjoys energy-saving benefits. In particular, intelligent LED street lights are highly expandable. In the future, electric vehicle chargers, environmental monitors, video surveillance, information billboards, etc. can be added according to requirements. Through the IoT Internet of Things, high efficiency, data collection and multiple services will be developed. One of the most important infrastructures.

Delta has installed nearly 13,000 LED street lights for Taoyuan, of which about 6,500 are intelligently controlled. Through the remote monitoring, maintenance management and lighting control functions of Delta’s LED intelligent streetlight management platform, Compared with traditional mercury lamp lamps, it can save more than 70% energy, and the annual electricity saving is nearly NT$18 million, about 4 million yuan. In addition, the 20,000-inch LED smart street light installed in Jakarta is also equipped with a smart street light management platform, which is expected to save at least 48% of electricity per year compared to the traditional high-pressure sodium lamps used.

In addition to intelligent lighting, Delta’s innovative technologies such as building automation, electric vehicle charging, energy storage, and renewable energy are also key foundations to help build smart cities, especially in the field of building automation. Comprehensively strengthen soft power, from equipment to information analysis management, intelligent cross-platform integration and control, achieve efficient building management, and connect other energy infrastructure solutions to better assist the overall planning and transformation of smart cities.