Equipped with UV LED, Haier’s new air-conditioning products go on sale in India

Although the new COVID-19 has been a global pandemic for more than a year, there are still a large number of people infected and dying in many countries, including India, which has a population of more than one billion.

On March 31, Haier Group announced that Haier, India has released a new type of UV air conditioner UV Clean Pro, further expanding the lineup of air conditioner products. The new model HSU18F-UVSW4B (INV) has been sold in India with a 12-year warranty and the price is 66,500 Indian rupees.

haier air conditioning with uv led

According to official sources, as the demand for epidemic prevention continues to grow, Haier of India has introduced UVC sterilization functions in new air conditioners. The built-in UV LED lights in the air conditioners can kill viruses in the air circulating through the air inlet, and then release the purified air. Go back to the room.

It is worth noting that this new air conditioner supports WiFi and voice control, and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistants. Users can interact with smart home devices more intuitively and customize them according to personal needs to remotely control the air conditioner anytime, anywhere.

Eric Braganza, President of Haier India, said that Indian people are threatened by air pollution, whether indoors or outdoors, and Haier’s new UV Clean Pro air conditioner can help solve the problem of air pollution.

In addition to the UV lamp, UV Clean Pro is also equipped with a micro-dust filter, which can further remove dust, bacteria, and airborne viruses. At the same time, with the help of high-quality motors, optimized fans and ventilation ducts, the air conditioner can blow up to 15 meters away. In addition, UV Clean Pro is also equipped with a super anti-corrosion protection function to prevent the air conditioner from rusting.

According to a foreign media report on March 22, the UVC Generator in Haier’s air conditioner has passed the virus inactivation verification by Texcell, a French virus laboratory, and can kill 99.998% of the new coronavirus.

It is reported that the UVC Generator emits light with a wavelength of 270-280nm and is installed on the evaporator. After the switch is turned on, the UVC Generator emits deep ultraviolet light from right to left near the vent.

So far, Haier has adopted UVC sterilization technology in home appliances such as healthy air, healthy clothing, healthy sanitary ware, and healthy kitchen.

At this year’s AWE exhibition, Haier launched a water purification innovation and smart scene drinking water customized solution in the Internet of Things era, and released four major water purification technologies, namely mineral water technology, full-time fresh water technology, UVC long-acting antibacterial, and Internet of Things payment. Water technology, while meeting the needs of safe and healthy water, also provides users with smarter and more convenient water solutions.