Fuzhou road lighting renovation project enters the final commissioning stage: street lights can remotely adjust brightness

At present, the comprehensive improvement project of road lighting facilities in Fuzhou City has entered the final commissioning stage.

The upgrade and transformation will replace the old and old sodium lamps with high-efficiency and energy-saving LED street lamps. After the renovation, the brightness of roads in Fuzhou will increase by 30% to 50% at night, which is convenient for citizens to travel safely and enhance the night city landscape.

At the same time, Fuzhou City also cooperates to establish an intelligent street lamp control system, which integrates all street lamps in the city into the management of Fuzhou City Street Light Monitoring Center, and changes the previous method of manual inspection to realize the intelligent maintenance of street lamp maintenance. In the future, the brightness of each street lamp will be remotely controlled.

The Fuzhou municipal department considers the impact of reducing the nighttime travel of the masses, as well as ensuring the stability of the line and the lighting rate of the night street lights. The LED street lighting commissioning is arranged during the day, and the construction unit will perform a short time after replacing one of the road sections. Test the lights.