High-precision LED driver improves lamp output consistency

As the penetration rate of indoor LED lighting increases, people’s requirements for light are getting higher and higher. In order to improve the consistency of office lighting, it is necessary to use high-precision LED drivers in indoor lighting.

Taking office lighting as an example, people are looking for such a lighting system, the output of the lamp is very consistent whether at 100% brightness or 1% brightness.

Not like this, especially when the lights are dim:

It is well known that the luminance of an LED is generally proportional to the current driven by the power source. Therefore, in order to have uniform light output for the illumination system of different lamps, we must ensure that the output currents of the LED drive power sources are very close to each other.

The current mainstream LED drive current accuracy is +/- 5%, which is sufficient for most applications where there is no dimming function. However, if the light dims to 10%, such as a non-specially designed 700mA drive power dimming to 10%, 70mA, you will see some are 90mA, some are 60mA. If the system system is equipped with some low-output driving power, then when the light is adjusted to the minimum brightness, it is easier for the human eye to perceive these brightness differences.

HiTECH LEDs provide customers with +/- 2% accurate LED driver power, providing very high accuracy even in dimming mode. Please refer to the comparison chart below:

HiTECH LEDs are constantly working to improve the lighting quality of intelligently controlled lighting systems. We use internal automatic closed-loop feedback technology to achieve this functionality and accuracy. In addition, we use very high precision current sampling resistors, as well as advanced error amplifiers to ensure minimum offset voltage. Thereby the output accuracy of the LED driver can be made very high.