How to choose high quality LED downlights in home lighting

LED downlights are the most commonly used lighting fixtures in everyday life (widely used in home lighting, such as bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, etc.). Compared to traditional incandescent or energy-saving bulbs, LED downlights are no longer traditional. Energy-saving light bulbs use LED light source illumination. The choice of LED downlights is no longer as simple as traditional energy-saving lamps (incandescent lamps). The factors considered are different. So, how do we choose LED downlights?

LED downlight purchase point 1: radiator

The speed of heat dissipation determines the degree of light decay and the length of service life of the LED downlight. If the heat sink is too small, the high temperature will accumulate inside the light source, and the lamp bead works under high temperature for a long time. The light decays quickly and the service life is very high. Short, so when choosing LED downlights, it is recommended that you choose aluminum or a metal radiator, because the aluminum has a higher heat dissipation coefficient and faster heat dissipation, which ensures the normal illumination of the LED downlights. Cooling.

LED downlight purchase point 2: power driver

The power supply is also called a transformer. The quality of the transformer also determines the life of the whole lamp. It is no problem to use the lamp for more than 50,000 hours, but if the transformer is broken, the whole lamp will not be lit. The electronic components and design scheme used in the transformer determine the efficiency, power factor, stability, temperature rise value and service life of the transformer. Therefore, when purchasing LED downlights, it is recommended that you choose a wide voltage drive, so that the output can be guaranteed. The current and voltage are stable, which ensures the safety and stability of the LED downlight during use.

LED downlight purchase point 3: light source quality

In addition to considering the material and driving power supply, the LED downlight should also consider the quality of the light source. The quality of the light source determines the lighting effect of the light, and the packaging process directly affects the key factors such as the quality of the light source and heat dissipation. At present, the LED light source chips sold on the market are domestic and imported, generally different brands, the price difference is large, and the lighting effect is also very different. It is recommended that you buy with caution.

The difference between LED downlight and LED spotlight

A: Under normal circumstances, LED downlights are used for general lighting, which requires ambient light. A downlight means a light that goes down. LED spotlights are used for local illumination. They require local range light for focusing illumination to focus light on an object or object (common use cases include shopping malls, clothing stores, cell phone stores, etc.). Nowadays, when many homes are renovated, the living room uses small-sized downlights to increase the luminosity of the living room wall. It can also be used in corridors or aisle balconies. LED downlights can perfectly replace traditional energy-saving bulbs or tubes.