New way for LiFi data transmission: LED lights

According to foreign media reports, British telecommunications operator O2 UK has announced a new technology test called LiFi, which allows the use of LED lights instead of radio waves to transmit large amounts of data.

The trial, conducted in conjunction with PureLiFi, is part of a series of network testing initiatives conducted by O2 UK prior to the launch of the 5G network.

The test used PureLiFi’s LiFi-XC system, which consists of nine LED bulbs that emit light that is white to the human eye for high-speed, two-way, and full-network wireless communication of data.

O2 says LiFi offers the potential for more secure and reliable wireless data communications compared to WiFi, while reducing infrastructure complexity and energy consumption.

PureLiFi revealed that as the industry’s demand for radio spectrum continues to grow, the technology it develops provides another source of bandwidth.