Romantic Qixi Festival, HiTECH LED lights up for love

The seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar is a traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, old and romantic. The window can be seen in the sky, the Milky Way, the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl are meeting, and the whispers between men and women can be heard under the melon and fruit trees. How will you spend the Qixi Festival? As long as you are a romantic fantasies, you must love to keep this gorgeous summer night with you!

There are customs in ancient China. Put a lotus lantern on the riverside to make a wish for a lover. Now we are in the city of “cement forest”. It is possible to light a lamp in the house and create a Chinese style for the Qixi Festival. Romantic feelings.

Qixi Festival

With a history of 5,000 years, China has nurtured brilliant art, architecture and culture, and it has continuously nourished the brilliance of HiTECH LED. The profound aesthetics and cultural heritage of ancient China, coupled with the enthusiasm and love of HiTECH LED for lighting, make the essence of Chinese art and culture seem to be condensed in our products. For this reason, HiTECH LED not only creates a variety of different LED lighting but also brings joy and happiness, creating a yearning for a better life.

Beautifully designed LED lighting products are not only practical lighting tools but also a cultural symbol. In the warm urban environment everywhere, a combination of art and lighting, LED lighting, through the delicate embellishment, sparkling and comfortable light, let us miss, the student’s beautiful love letter in front of the dim incandescent lamp Time.

Love and LED lighting

Thousands of stars, a flash of light on the blue night sky. Legend has it that this is the Milky Way of the Queen Mother’s hair. It is so beautiful, but it is so heartbreaking. Because it isolates a pair of people who love: Cowherd and Weaver. They are across the bank, “the surplus is in the water, the veins are not spoken.”

Only this night in the year, all the magpies in the world flew, and they used wings to build a bridge for them, a bridge of love that connects two hearts. Missing together into a river, fortunately, I can meet. Even if they are among the many lonely stars, they can find each other, even if they are far away, they are not alone, because there is a romantic dependence of love.

lover and galaxy

The day is the dynasty, the month is the blasphemy, you are the dynasty. HiTECH LED is the two hearts of love in the world, and you can still believe in love. As long as you believe, there is a chance to meet in a thousand miles; as long as you believe, a lover will eventually become a genus.