Seoul Semiconductor Innovation LED SunLike Selected for IES 2018 Results Report

Seoul Semiconductor, leading the global LED production and technology innovators, LED ‘SunLike’ series was selected by the American Lighting Engineering Association IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) ‘2018 IES Progress Report’, the product superior performance was recognized.

As a recognized authority on lighting technology and education in the United States, IES annually mines products, research, and design that contribute to the development and achievements of the lighting industry, and publishes reports. The products are strictly reviewed by the IES committee composed of relevant research institutions and academic experts, and the products are inspected and selected in terms of product originality, innovation and technical value. The results of this year’s report were publicly released on the 11th (local time 10th) at the ‘2018 IES Annual Meeting’ held in Boston, USA.

SunLike, selected as an outstanding IES product, is the world’s first technology. It is characterized by reducing the blue peak of the human body and achieving a natural spectrum similar to sunlight, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue, stabilize biological rhythms and improve the color sharpness of objects. SunLike technology debuted in 2017 and was jointly developed by Seoul Semiconductor and Toshiba Materials Co. Ltd. It combines Seoul Semiconductor’s optical semiconductor technology with Toshiba’s high-tech materials to achieve natural light technology*TRI-R.

In July 2018, the results of the research published by the Bioinformatics Laboratory of Seoul National University Medical College showed that SunLike natural light can reduce eye fatigue and improve sleep quality. Seoul Semiconductor has begun to supply products to global high-end brands such as Korea, the United States, Europe, China, and Japan that value the value of human lighting. It is currently widely used in household lighting, smart table lamps and lamps, offices, hotels, public facilities and other living spaces and industrial facilities.

In addition, last November, the SunLike series of 25W LEDs received the RG-1 level ophthalmic safety certification from the Korean testing and research organization, and is the only single source in the world to receive this certification. This safety level light source does not have any biological hazard.

Sun Minxiu, vice president of global marketing for Seoul Semiconductor, said: “Shen Seoul’s semiconductor innovation product SunLike has been certified by IES, a world-class lighting technology certification body. It is the result of our focus on developing high-performance, high-value-added LEDs, which is even more profound.”

At the same time, he also pointed out that “a number of research results at home and abroad confirmed that the quality of light has an important impact on health, the demand for human lighting continues to grow.” “Seoul Semiconductor launched the SunLike series of products that reduce Blu-ray, insisting on consumption. Providing leading-edge technology that allows consumers to truly experience differentiated light that improves artificial lighting defects.”