Seoul Semiconductor WICOP two-color LED is first used in Audi headlights

Seoul Semiconductor announced that it has supplied WICOP Bi-Color (2 in 1) LED products to the 2020 Audi A4 for daytime running lights and turn signals for headlights.

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This is the first time that Seoul Semiconductor WICOP products have been applied to Audi headlights. WICOP is the core patented technology of Seoul Semiconductor, and its design is to directly mount the chip on the substrate without packaging. WICOP Bi-color (2 in 1) LED realizes both white and yellow in one chip, which is conducive to simple optical design, volume reduction and cost saving.

At the same time, Seoul Semiconductor has further developed the miniaturized WICOP Gen2 mini Bi-color product while retaining the advantages of the existing WICOP ultra-thin volume.

The head of Audi car lamp development said: “WICOP Bi-color (2 in 1) is conducive to emitting light where the distance between the light emitting surfaces is narrow, achieving both white and yellow in one package, thus providing the possibility of ultra-thin headlight design. Sex.”

“We have successively developed WICOP UHL (Ultra High Luminance) with ultra-high brightness and excellent heat dissipation performance, as well as the light source for automotive headlights and daytime running lights-WICOP Gen2. European automotive lighting customers are innovative to us Product attention has increased significantly, and more than 20 international projects are already underway.” Seoul Semiconductor said, “In the future, we will further devote ourselves to the research and development of automotive lamp LED technology.”

WICOP is the world’s first LED technology that does not require packaging. It has excellent thermal conductivity and can realize a thin and compact lighting system. In addition to automotive lighting, it is also widely used in high-brightness LED TVs and mobile phone LCD screens, mobile phone camera flashes, and high-power ordinary LED lighting and other fields.