Shenzhen Light Show: 1.18 million LED point light source linkage performance

In order to celebrate China’s 40 years of reform and opening up, this year, Shenzhen organized the implementation of landscape lighting enhancement activities to create a beautiful and comfortable lighting environment with the prosperity and charm of the modern city, creating a public cultural space for the citizens and tourists. Before the end of June, the lighting project in the central area of ​​Shenzhen was initially completed. After a few months of testing, debugging and improvement, it was the first show of last night. According to the light show performance arrangement, three performances were performed last night, so that the people who came to watch it would be spoiled for choice.

The lighting project in the central area of ​​Shenzhen takes the important viewing angles such as the central axis and Shennan Avenue as the display interface, forming a large-scale nightscape with the civic center as the core and the Ping An Building as the landmark. There are 43 buildings participating in the joint performance.

The project also organizes the regional night scene elements, with advanced intelligent control methods and innovative visual expression techniques, the country’s first “small point light source combination” technology, to build a shocking overall large linkage and a rich layer of three-dimensional presentation interface to create a distinctive Digital night view boutique, forming a business card for Shenzhen night view.

After seeing the light show, many citizens were amazed at how the interface of the 43 buildings achieved a unified linkage performance and formed a picture. Chen Haiyan told reporters that the lighting project in the central area of ​​Shenzhen has set up an intelligent control system. All the 43 buildings that participated in the performance used 1.18 million LED point light sources. The special network connection through wired and 4G networks was unified by the general control room. Control to achieve simultaneous playback of the performance picture. Among the 43 buildings, the lights on the Ping An Building are very eye-catching. During the performance, Ping An Building adopted a laser show. The 600-meter-high Ping An Building and other buildings form a two-dimensional space of light and shadow. The Ping An Building is like a baton, and all important pictures start from it. Chen Haiyan said, “Using the characteristics of the site in the design to open up the characteristics of Shenzhen and other cities.”

Civic Center Square is one of the best places to watch the light show. Different from the plane effect formed by other city lighting performances, Chen Haiyan praised the location of the Shenzhen Central District. The venue of the Civic Center Square is large. Standing here is 270° surround. To create a visual effect of the ring screen, bringing a dynamic, enveloping, immersive viewing experience, people are immersed in it.