South Korea plans to restrict OLED equipment exports to China to prevent technology leakage

LG Display OLED screen

According to South Korean media reports, the South Korean government is planning to list OLED equipment as a national core technology and restrict exports to prevent technology leakage.

Recently, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) held a meeting with a number of display equipment companies in South Korea to discuss the OLED equipment as a national core technology. Once it becomes a national core technology, its exports and business mergers and acquisitions must be approved by the Korean government.

It is reported that the measure was proposed by Samsung supplier Toptec “technical leakage”. Previously, display and panel related design, manufacturing, production and drive were regulated.

South Korean display manufacturers Samsung and LG hold key technologies for OLED panels. In order to maintain its advantages and reduce the impact of China’s production expansion, the Korean government will increase restrictions on OLED equipment.