STMicroelectronics Introduces More Advanced Energy-Efficient Lighting Controllers

STMicroelectronics, the world’s leading semiconductor supplier across multiple electronic applications, integrates its state-of-the-art LED control technology with advanced power technology to develop a new all-in-one LED control chip that enables future luminaires to save even more More power and provide users with a better quality experience.

The HVLED001B controller simplifies LED lighting module design, maximizing the energy efficiency of all dimming files and ensuring smoother brightness control. STMicroelectronics, a major STMicroelectronics and lighting innovator, uses this new controller to design new products to improve the energy efficiency, safety and usability of the luminaire.

A TCI technical spokesperson explained that developing medium to high power LED luminaires that meet the latest lighting regulations and market requirements is no easy task. “ST’s new LED driver enables us to achieve high performance targets, simplifying product design and reducing bill of materials costs with built-in features. LEDs are powered up very fast and take less than 0.4 seconds, even at lower dimming levels. Can maintain very high energy efficiency, and traditional drives can not maintain this advantage.”

Matteo Lo Presti, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Simulation Devices, Analog Devices, MEMS and Sensors Group, added: “In addition to further energy efficiency under all operating conditions, the latest luminaires must support smart grid management and power supplies. Quality, increased power factor, and reduced harmonic distortion. The market for HVLED001B makes these goals possible, while also supporting improvements and improvements in startup performance and dimming accuracy.”

The HVLED001B is now in production and is available in the compact SSOP10 package that is familiar in the market.

More technical information:

The HVLED001B is ST’s second-generation LED driver, which includes a high-voltage start-up circuit and sensing circuitry to simplify the connection of the driver to the AC line.

Its advanced features support multiple platforms for reuse and compliance with the latest lighting regulations, including:

High-precision wide-voltage line and load regulation to ensure constant output voltage or output current

Constant output voltage regulation, eliminating the need for optocouplers, ensuring voltages remain below the accepted 60V safety limit for improved application robustness

· Frequency foldback mode for improved energy efficiency and regulation performance at light loads, with good energy efficiency at moderate loads

· Dimming is accurate and smooth

· Power conversion efficiency is greater than 90%

· No-load power consumption is less than 100mW

· Power factor greater than 0.9, total harmonic distortion (THD) is less than 10%

· Low light and medium load EMI interference

· Built-in overcurrent, input overvoltage, undervoltage and optocoupler failure protection

· ST’s intelligent automatic reload timer (ART) ensures latch-free protection for added security