Take you through LED outdoor sports venue lighting

HiTECH LED has introduced an efficient LED sports venue lighting system that combines a lighting control system with an integrated LED court light to create a comprehensive lighting solution for all types of outdoor sports venues. In addition, HiTECH LED can meet the lighting requirements of both the smallest indoor sports facilities and the most versatile integrated indoor sports venues.

  • Soccer Stadium Lighting


Recreational soccer matches are often held at night, so efficient lighting systems can fully engage people in the game. While such venues are obviously less brightly lit than official events, they should still maintain high standards in terms of uniform light efficiency, visual comfort and avoidance of distracting light. This is especially important since recreational sports facilities are often set up in residential areas.

  • Hockey Field Lighting


In field hockey, players must react quickly to the fast-moving puck, so quality lighting is critical. For this reason, the event requires an even and consistent light distribution with a color temperature similar to daylight.

  • Tennis Court Lighting


For tennis court lighting, the lighting goal is to provide good visibility for both players and spectators to closely follow the action. Wherever the ball is located, no matter how fast it is flying, it can be seen at a glance.

  • Rugby Stadium Lighting


The lighting scheme should ensure that the light is bright and uniform throughout the pitch. It should also ensure that the flight path of the rugby ball is clearly visible, while providing excellent viewing conditions for players, officials and spectators. In addition to this, the floodlights located above the front stands should not create shadows on the pitch.

  • Integrated stadium lighting


Sports players, game officials and coaches need a clear view of the playing field to easily control what is happening on the playing or training field, to perform at their best and to make accurate decisions. Spectators need to be able to keep a close eye on the athletes’ performance on the field, but also be aware of every movement in their surroundings. The lighting system should also be able to help guide spectators safely in and out of the sports arena.

  • Golf Course Lighting

golf course

Distance markers must be clearly visible and players must be able to see where the ball is going. Separate lighting is required for tee areas, while full lighting is required for the entire golf course.

  • Basketball Court Lighting

playing court

When designing a multi-purpose course, it is important to ensure that the lighting proposal meets the requirements of the various sports involved. Special attention needs to be paid to the lighting design to provide sufficient amount of light, uniformity, prevention of glare and reduction of light pollution.

  • Softball/baseball field lighting


High-speed sports such as baseball and softball require ample lighting to allow the action on the field and the flight of the ball to be clearly visible. Most high speed sports are played in regulation size infields, so infields have more stringent requirements for illumination and overall uniformity than larger outfields.


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