Take you to understand LED indoor sports stadium lighting

HiTECH LED has recently launched a series of LED sports venues with outstanding efficiency. The DMX control system combines integrated LED floodlights and LED stadium lights to create a full range of lighting solutions suitable for various indoor sports venues. Whether it is the smallest-scale indoor sports facility or the most versatile indoor sports venue, HiTECH LED can meet its lighting requirements.

  • Indoor tennis court lighting

tennis indoor

Our lighting goal is to give athletes and spectators a good visibility, so as to pay close attention to the progress of the event. No matter where the ball is located, no matter how high-speed it is flying, it can be seen at a glance. However, there must be sufficient contrast between the object and its background, combined with good lighting brightness, and the light must be evenly distributed on the field to make everything clearly visible.

  • Indoor swimming pool lighting


The key is to provide adequate lighting, control water reflections, and ensure the safety of users. The control of reflections on the water surface is particularly important, so that the staff can promptly rescue swimmers in danger in the swimming pool. The pool design is quite complicated, and the floodlight position is extremely limited. Therefore, the lighting system must be taken into consideration at the beginning of the pool design.

  • Multifunctional indoor stadium lighting


When designing a multifunctional sports venue, it should be ensured that the lighting scheme can meet the requirements of various related sports. Special attention should be paid to the lighting design should be uniform and sufficient light to minimize glare. The lighting system should be properly positioned so as not to obstruct the sight of athletes and staff.

  • Indoor ice hockey stadium lighting


Whether a moving object is clearly visible depends on the viewing angle, speed, background brightness and ambient brightness. The small black hockey puck moves at high speed and needs to be in sharp contrast with the ice rink so that spectators and players can see it at a glance. Therefore, extremely high standards of lighting design are required. If the distance between the ice surface and the audience is large in a stadium, the lighting requirements will be particularly strict.

Since the ice surface has a good diffuse reflection effect, it is necessary to avoid strong light distracting players and spectators. The uniform lighting effect can make people keenly catch the movement of the hockey puck.

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