The 26th China Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting Fair opened on March 18

The 26th China Guzhen International Lighting Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Guzhen Lighting Fair”) will be held on March 18-21, 2021 at the Convention and Exhibition Center of Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City.


This Guzhen Lighting Fair is the “first battle” of the lighting industry in 2021, and will focus on exhibiting new products, new channels and new technologies in the industry. Compared with previous editions, this year will also hold the Zhongshan Ancient Town Smart Home and Soft Decoration Exhibition at the same time, and a new cross-border e-commerce display area will be established.

This year, we will continue to adopt the procurement model of “one exhibition, one city, former exhibition halls and rear factories, and direct supply from the source”. The ancient town convention and exhibition center of Dengdu, the town’s lighting stores Lihe, Huayi, Xingguang, Times, Streetlight City, etc. will unite 2500 brands Enterprises, held a spring procurement feast with an exhibition area of ​​over 1.5 million square meters.

The main venue covers the entire industry chain of lighting and lighting, with new divisions and expansion of professional fields. In the original interior decoration lights, home lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, special lamps, mechanical equipment, lighting accessories, add germicidal lamps, education lighting, health lighting, lighting lighting, LED display and other areas. At the same time, an “original design exhibition area” is set up to display original products with various styles, materials and shapes. In the field of smart lighting, the “Smart Pole Display Area” and the “Smart Home Lighting Area” are specially set up to conform to the 5G trend and display a variety of brand-new smart lighting fixtures, system solutions, accessories and other products. The main venue will also set up a new “cross-border e-commerce display area”, bringing together cross-border e-commerce service agencies, marketing units, and news media on the same stage to help lighting companies develop cross-border ecology. The online exhibition of global buyer sourcing houses will be held at the same time. The service will help overseas buyers who cannot visit the site to negotiate transactions due to the impact of the epidemic. With the help of the “cloud” terminal, through factory shows, booth direct hits, live broadcasts, etc., growth points for foreign trade will be cultivated. .

This year, the main venue will hold the 2021 Zhongshan Ancient Town Smart Home and Soft Decorations Exhibition at the same time. It will cover appliances, locks, kitchens and bathrooms, hardware doors and windows in smart homes, and will combine rich and substantial lighting products with all-encompassing furnishings and soft decorations. Show.

It is reported that the Guzhen Lighting Fair has been held for more than 20 years and has become an important international trade platform for the “Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting” regional brand. It is also the Guzhen brand to improve the quality of lighting, lead the industry’s core competitiveness, accelerate the protection of intellectual property rights, and promote the Guzhen lighting market to become professional It is an important display window for the upgrading and development of the direction of globalization, marketization and internationalization.

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    The 2021 Zhongshan Guzhen International Lighting Exhibition is underway. All buyers are welcome to visit. If you need help, you can contact us at any time.

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