The LED bulbs can be at least 37 years of aluminum depends on a heat pipe?

Like his father, James Dyson, Jake Dyson also an inventor and engineer. But his first product produced and Dyson’s main brand, but very different: an LED lamp. And Dyson vacuum cleaners, fans, like this table lamp with the same degree of attention to detail for ultra-high, but the functionality is very different nature, and also have a long life.

Jake Dyson designed this lamp CSYS Task Light lamp boasts 37 years of life (assuming work 11 hours a day), no lamp replacement period. In the same type of product which, CSYS definitely a unique existence, but also both the design and efficiency.

Of course, not all LED lamps have say he has such a long life, that Dyson CSYS is how to do this it? Wishbone presence inside this table lamp a James Dyson specially designed aluminum heat pipes, heat can be sucked from the front of the eight LED lamp beads which, it will significantly extend their life cycle.

But CSYS clever design can be more than that. It’s eight LED lamp beads also have their conical shade to avoid glare, they also projected colors we prefer warm white, rather than as part of the blue LED. In addition, its base design was inspired by the building crane, very reliable.

CSYS base can be rotated 360 degrees, and breeding pulley system that allows you to arm vertical light fixed in any position. In addition, you can also use it horizontally extending up to 275 mm in order to obtain maximum lighting projection freedom. This table lamp makes a very pleasant experience, under its clever counterweight system, you will be able to freely adjust the lighting effortlessly position. In addition, CSYS switch to touch design, long press to adjust brightness.

Dyson CSYS lamp is an amazing hardware products. Although it is just a lamp, but if the home office or the simple pursuit of design sense for consumers, it is the best choice. This table lamp provides a black, black / silver and white / silver three color options, priced at 399 pounds (about 3873 yuan). It also has a floor model, priced at 599 pounds (about 5815 yuan).