The new GE light bulbs will change the color temperature according to the time of day

GE does not want lights in your home so that you awake at night, so it released a new bulb product, you can adjust the color temperature according to time of day. This new product name is C Sleep, according to one day sooner or later time will automatically change the color temperature changes. It has three settings: a bright blue in the morning to wake the user, provides a standard lighting orange tone at noon, in the evening soft yellow lighting. GE hopes to better the user indoor lighting and outdoor lighting to match the actual, make it easier to fall asleep and wake up.

GE today announced the addition of a product is the C Life, and only a light tone noon. C Sleep and C Life can be connected via Bluetooth to a smart phone, the user can smart phone APP dedicated to turn on / off the lamp, or to adjust the brightness of the lamp, the APP has iOS and Android versions. Since these two products use Bluetooth communication, the user can not be controlled in the outdoors, the user must be controlled within the Bluetooth range.

GE hopes these two smart bulb first step into the world as a smart home. GE currently bundling these two smart light bulb, a “starter kit,” which included two C Sleep and 2 C Life Smart bulbs.

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