The whole city of Wenzhou promotes LED light sources and will complete the renovation of 8000 classrooms

There are many causes of myopia in children and adolescents, and substandard lighting in classrooms is one of them. In order to improve the visual environment and provide students with a healthy and harmonious learning environment, Wenzhou City has been implementing the “Bright Eyes” project since 2019. It plans to use three years to complete the city’s 24,000 elementary and middle school classroom lighting standardization reforms, and actively lead and build “Wenzhou model” of lighting renovation.

According to the Bureau of Education, according to early investigations, the lighting of most primary and secondary schools in Wenzhou City does not meet the national standards. Some lamps do not meet the standards, and some meet the standards. They are close to the life of the light source, affecting students’ vision health. Since the start of the “Ming Eyes” project, the city has successfully renovated 9,687 classrooms in 2019, exceeding 22% of the planned number.

 Wenzhou classrooms lighting

What kind of standard does the transformation follow?

It is understood that China has not yet issued LED lighting standards for classrooms in primary and secondary schools. Therefore, Wenzhou Education Technology Center has collected relevant standards at home and abroad, focusing on the “Technical Specifications for Primary and Secondary School Classroom Lighting”, Shanghai’s local standards and Wenzhou Medical University The draft of local standards drafted by the Eyesight Hospital, etc., and relevant well-known experts in the United Nations have held expert demonstration meetings for many times. Through repeated discussions, revisions and improvements, the technical parameters of the classroom lighting renovation in Wenzhou are finally formed, and groundbreaking Technical requirements such as “the test report of the same set of lamps and lanterns shall contain at least 6 indicators such as blue light hazards”, this unique characteristic method has also been used for reference and adopted by Jinhua City, Quzhou City and other regions.

On this basis, Wenzhou City Education Bureau will promote the application of LED light sources throughout the city this year.

Wenzhou City will complete the renovation of the lighting equipment in 8,000 classrooms before the end of the summer vacation at the end of August to ensure the normal opening of schools. In addition, the testing standards have been upgraded this year to implement the “four inspections and four verifications”, that is, before and after the construction of the model room, during the sample installation process, and after the installation is completed, a national-level qualification testing unit will be arranged for professional testing and verification.

This year, Wenzhou City will take the lead in researching and publishing the local standards of “Wenzhou Primary and Secondary School and Kindergarten Classroom Lighting Technical Specifications” among prefecture-level cities across the country. This means that the full application of LED healthy classroom lighting will create a “Wenzhou model” for myopia prevention and control lighting transformation. Is gradually taking shape.