This lamp has 16 million colors, but it has nothing to do with the smart home

Startup company called Qube hopes a new product fully leveraging the intelligent networking bulbs this market, and claims to be able to offer an affordable price easy to use program. The company has just launched a public on Indiegogo chips, just on the line 24 hours, the congregation raised their goal to reach $ 50,000 in half.

This bulb can display up to 16 million colors, the maximum brightness up to 800 lumens, equivalent to 60 watt incandescent brightness. It can directly use the existing E26 / E27 screw the cap.

If the Qube can successfully market, its price is about $ 19 – more than Philips and Osram bulbs companies such as multicolor much cheaper, the two giants to sell similar products sell for about $ 59.99.

Qube said the company intends to drive down profit margins, hoping to better penetrate the market.

Astro also startups launched in June this year called Twist smart bulb. The company can fit into the system using Apple’s AirPlay audio playback capabilities in their products, hoping to stand out in order.

Cree, Osram and Philips brands smart bulbs are compatible Wink Hub and other smart home platform. But the Qube has said, in order to streamline operations, the company’s light bulb does not support these smart home platform. They said: “Unlike other bulbs need the help of a core hub platform to normal use different and each has its own Qube Wi-Fi connection, it is possible to exchange data directly with the router to start.”