U.S. company develops UVC LED air disinfection system, about to enter school classrooms

Energy Harness, an LED lighting company affiliated to Purdue University in the United States, has developed an air disinfection system with built-in UVC LEDs that can be installed on the ceiling to purify the air in the room.

UVC LED air disinfection system

Purdue University stated that this UVC LED air disinfection equipment uses deep ultraviolet light to kill the pathogen of the new coronavirus. The equipment is equipped with an active airflow device, which adds an additional advantage to the equipment and can ensure safe use during students’ classes. In addition, the device is equipped with a fan system that can inhale air, and the air is cleaned and then circulated back to the room.

In the upcoming new semester, Energy Harness plans to install this UVC air disinfection system for two schools in central Indiana, USA.

Up to now, many researchers around the world have proven that UVC light can effectively kill the new coronavirus. In response to the need for epidemic prevention, various products based on UVC LED technology have also appeared on the market. It is worth noting that a study conducted by the American Lighting Research Center showed that the air purification products installed on the top of the room are currently the most popular sterilization and disinfection products for consumers.