Upgrade of road lighting in many areas Replace traditional lamps with LED lights

In order to improve the lighting effect of the city, energy is saved to the maximum extent and the safety of the citizens at night is guaranteed. Accelerate the upgrading of road lighting throughout the country, replacing traditional lighting fixtures with LED lighting fixtures.

Suzhou West Ring Elevated Light Replacement will be replaced by high power LED street light

In order to improve the quality of the inner ring elevated road lighting, protect the safety of citizens at night, and accelerate the construction of energy-saving and environmentally friendly “Green Suzhou”, the Suzhou City Lighting Management Office plans to start the West Ring elevated LED lighting upgrade project today. This is also one of the contents of the ten key promotion work of urban management in Suzhou in 2018.

It is understood that at present, the West Ring Elevated Road uses traditional high-pressure sodium lamp lamps, which have been in operation for more than ten years, and there are cases where the illuminance is reduced and the lamp arm is rusted. More than 230 sets of high-power LED lamps that have been replaced this time have passed many tests in the early stage to meet the requirements of fast road use, and have better stability, comfort, lighting quality, service life and power saving effect.

In order to alleviate the road traffic pressure and minimize the impact on the citizens’ travel, the Municipal Lighting Office will organize the construction of the staff. After the project is started, the construction personnel will carry out renovation work from 23:00 to 3:00 am the following day to Thursday, during which a lane adjacent to the streetlight will be closed to remind the public to slow down when passing the section during the construction period. ,be careful.

In the next step, the Municipal Lighting Office will continue to implement street lighting renovations for the Xinzhuang Interchange and the North Extension and Suzhang Connection Lines to improve the lighting quality of elevated and interchange roads.

Chaozhou urban road lighting upgrade

It is understood that the road lighting in Chaozhou City is undergoing a comprehensive upgrade and renovation, and the original high-pressure sodium lamp is fully upgraded to LED street light. It is expected that all street lamps will be replaced before the Spring Festival next year.

In recent years, the street lights of the new construction roads in Chaozhou City are installed with LED street lights. The old street lamps in some sections of the city have always kept the sodium lamp light source. In order to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, Chaozhou City decided to replace all the sodium lamp sources in the city with LED light sources. Including replacing the lampshade and light source of the street lamp, the original high-pressure sodium lamp is fully upgraded to an LED street lamp.

Ding Xiaohang, an urban road lighting upgrade and construction personnel: all replaced with new LED lights, saving electricity, and improving lighting, long service life, now a group of personnel specializing in the replacement of sodium lamps, a group of people specifically in the investigation of the remaining areas of the old city The old sodium lamps should be replaced, including some old ones, and the poles with safety hazards should be replaced.

It is understood that the project started construction in late September this year, and currently completes about 95% of the project volume. It is expected to be fully completed before the Spring Festival next year.

Zibo downtown area street lights replaced with LED street lights

In order to improve the lighting effect of the city and maximize energy conservation, the Zibo City Street Lamp Management Office recently replaced more than 440 sets of street lamps on several roads in the central city area with LED street lights.

According to the previous survey, the streetlight facilities of some roads under the jurisdiction of the Zibo City Street Light Management Office have experienced long failure rates and high energy consumption due to long running time. According to the availability of funds, Zibo City Street Lamp Management Office has prioritized the replacement of traffic-intensive road sections, and has completed energy-saving renovation of more than 440 sets of street lamps in Nanjing Road, Xincun Road, Renmin Road and Wanjie Road.

The newly-changed LED street lamp is an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving light source with high brightness and good color rendering, which can better enhance the lighting effect. In the next step, Zibo City Street Lamp Management Office will continue to carry out energy-saving renovation of street lights on other road sections.