Why choose LED tubes in commercial lighting?

The LED tube uses a light-emitting diode as a light source, which has higher luminous efficiency, is more energy-saving, has a longer service life, and is more environmentally friendly. Therefore, in modern commercial lighting, LED tubes have become the ideal product to replace fluorescent tubes, which is very suitable for indoor lighting in office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, factories, schools, homes, etc.

LED tubes in commercial lighting

LED tubes have significant advantages over traditional fluorescent or energy-saving tubes:

  • Power saving: Compared with incandescent bulbs, LED lamps can save more than 80% energy under the same brightness, and save more than 50% energy compared with traditional fluorescent lamps;
  • Long service life: the current life of incandescent lamps is 1000-2000 hours, the life of ordinary fluorescent lamps is 6000 hours, and the theoretical life of LED lamps is up to 50,000 hours.
  • Environmental protection: Even if it is lit for a long time, there is no ultraviolet light or infrared light in the spectrum of the LED tube, no light pollution, no light radiation, and can reduce the emission of chemical components of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and other harmful substances;
  • Easy to install: it can be installed directly on the ordinary fluorescent lamp bracket;
  • Low-voltage start-up: The driving circuit of the LED lamp adopts wide voltage design, and can be normally started and lit in the voltage range of 100-240V, effectively preventing the normal operation of the lamp tube due to the voltage being too low or too high, which is very suitable for a large voltage. Used in low-lying remote areas;
  • Diverse styles: The LED light source is a multi-LED series connected in parallel, and the single volume is very small, so it is convenient to manufacture into various shapes and models to meet individual needs.

LED tube energy saving is more than 70%, life is more than 10 times that of ordinary lamp, almost maintenance-free, green and environmentally friendly next-generation semiconductor light source, soft light, pure color, is conducive to people’s vision protection at work and In good health, LED tubes have become the best choice for commercial lighting renovation.