Xiaomi and IKEA announce strategic cooperation: IKEA full line of intelligent lighting products to access Xiaomi IoT

Today, the Xiaomi AIOT Global Developers Conference was held in Beijing. At the conference, Fan Dian, general manager of the IoT platform department of Xiaomi Group, announced that Xiaomi will reach a strategic cooperation agreement with the well-known Swedish home furnishing retailer IKEA, and all the intelligent lighting products from IKEA will be connected. Into the millet IoT.

Fan Dian, general manager of the IoT platform department of Xiaomi Group, said that Xiaomi is very pleased to have a strategic cooperation with IKEA in the IoT field. Soon, IKEA’s new intelligent lighting products will be connected to the Xiaomi IoT platform, and the two sides will cooperate in the field of intelligent lighting. All intelligent lighting products that users can buy at IKEA will be controlled by Xiao Ai students. The strategic cooperation is expected to be online in December.

For this strategic cooperation, Anna Pawlak-Kuliga, President of IKEA Retail China, said that IKEA has achieved great success in business model so far, not only globally but also in China, while IKEA is also observing that China The economy is changing with each passing day, people’s consumption habits and home life needs and habits are changing, so IKEA also realizes that it must be changed, which is why IKEA announced its strategic transformation last week. A strategic partnership with Xiaomi is also part of IKEA’s strategic transformation. Anna Pawlak-Kuliga said that this is the first time IKEA has cooperated with Chinese technology innovation companies and believes that this cooperation will be successful.