Yinchuan replaces 45,000 high-pressure sodium light source with LED street light

Recently, Yinchuan City cooperated with China Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Lighting Co., Ltd. to replace the city’s 45,000 high-pressure sodium light source with LED street light. This work is expected to be completed before the 2019 Lunar New Year.

In addition, Yinchuan City will also upgrade the road lighting control system. Each street lamp can be uniformly dimmed according to actual needs at night. In the middle of the road illumination, the brightness of the light can be reduced in the second half of the night to achieve the effect of secondary energy saving.

According to the actual test and theoretical calculation, the annual energy saving after the project transformation is 36.30 million kWh, the power saving rate is over 60%, and the green lighting rate in Yinchuan is over 90%.


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