A handwritten letter to all HiTECH LED customers



This is not about LED lighting business at all.

My new client B from USA told me that someone he knows has died because of the coronavirus. He asked me: why China or anyone warns it in advance?
A tough and a good question.

I keep thinking about it and decide to share my story during the outbreak in China. A little long, please take minutes and read it.


Our city was sealed off on 24th, Jan 2020, Chinese New Year’s Eve.

On 23th, Jan, we were invited to my aunt’s house to celebrate the New Year. It was a happy family gathering. But one day later, we shocked by the bad situation in Wuhan where the virus starting to pass from person to person on large-scale, which by the way, my aunt’s whole family were just back from there. We were afraid that they might be infected and pass to us. That worry alongside us in the next gloomy 14 days. I had to say, none of my family would go there if we knew the situation early.
25th, Jan, Chinese New Year, it supposes to be the most enjoyable day of a year. But no one cheered up because people are sick and dying in Wuhan, everyone is paying close attention to here.

On 27th, Jan my brother-in-law (hereinafter referred to as my brother) heard that his colleague has confirmed positive while he had a meeting and KTV with her days ago. That is saying, my brother has a great possibility to get infected and the rest of my family also have come across to virus. Until that moment, we realized that the virus is close to us. We definitely will get infected if one of my aunt’s family or my brother carries a virus since we didn’t take any precautions. We are almost “naked” to the virus. That is so terrifying to us. On the other hand, there were 3 cases confirmed in a near village. My brother immediately took action and stayed in his room and avoid contacting others for next 10 days after discussing.

On 31th, Jan, I suddenly felt unwell mainly general weakness (one symptom of the virus). I thought I just tired and would be better after a deep sleep but it still the same until the next day. I felt that I must get it, I broke down and cried in my bed hard. I was thinking of many things like money, house, car, travel, beautiful cloth, modern life that I usually care about. It occurs to me that they are just shit if you are no longer alive. I even start imagining how devastated my dad (my mother passed away many years ago) will be if I died…. You have no idea how dreadful that feeling was. I think I’ve been the dark in one day~


It is true that you never know what will happen tomorrow. Right?

Back to the question, why no one warns it? I believe everyone in the world knows how bad the virus is and killed people in China during the worst period. Actually, I told many foreign friends in early Feb, but only one person asked me how to keep a child safe as she worries about her kids. The rest was mentioned clearly that they don’t worry too much.

Maybe it is not about no one warns it. It is about people didn’t pay much attention to it because the virus was far away from them back at that time. There are many big events happening every day in the world, but few people really care about except those who are going through. 26th, Jan is also a shock day because of Kobe Bryant’s death. I think many people worldwide had an impression of that day, but very few people remembered that the virus raged across most cities in China at the same time.
Therefore, here I am to remind you again, the COVID-19 virus is really bad and spread so fast. You need to take is seriously. It is closer to you than you think. And you don’t even know who is infected around you.

Above are my real experience. Thank god or any lord that my whole family is safe. But what I’ve been through is still the risk that we couldn’t bear with even if a tiny possibility. I write this down to Warn you guys to protect yourself and family well.

Thanks for telling others about it or sharing it. It is worthy to do if this article can alarm people to get safety precautions and prevent them from the virus.


Your friend – Lydia Lee

April 1, 2020