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Toyoda Gosei Develops Deep UV LED Light Module for Sterilization

Recently, Toyota Gosei Japan announced the launch of a new type of deep UV LED module for water sterilization, air sterilization and surface sterilization. At present, Toyoda Gosei is cooperating with Toyota Group and other companies to develop water sterilization, air sterilization and surface sterilization application products. Deep UV LEDs emit short wavelength ultraviolet light […]


MIT develops robots with UVC light to eliminate more than 90% of new coronaviruses

With every droplet that we can’t see, touch, or feel dispersed into the air, the threat of spreading Covid-19 persists. It’s become increasingly critical to keep these heavy droplets from lingering — especially on surfaces, which are welcoming and generous hosts. Thankfully, our chemical cleaning products are effective, but using them to disinfect larger settings […]


A handwritten letter to all HiTECH LED customers

  This is not about LED lighting business at all. My new client B from USA told me that someone he knows has died because of the coronavirus. He asked me: why China or anyone warns it in advance? A tough and a good question. I keep thinking about it and decide to share my […]