Australia launches smart light pole pilot project to provide wireless network and electric vehicle charging services

According to foreign media reports, the new “smart” street lights with electric vehicle charging function have been deployed to Sydney, which means that electric car owners can use this device to charge their cars. Up to now, such charging outlets provide free charging services for owners of electric vehicles, which is undoubtedly a good news.

ENE-HUB designed the poles for the smart streetlights, each costing nearly $30,000, and the charging infrastructure was provided by Melbourne’s Jet Charge.

The product was tested in two locations: Blacktown in western Sydney and the Gulf of Canada in the suburbs of Sydney’s inner ring, with 20 smart poles to install.

The smart light pole provides wireless connectivity and a charging point that allows electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicles without even off-street parking. In addition, the amount of power supplied is similar to that of the user’s home, which means that charging takes hours, not minutes. Some users may charge the car for one night.

Jet Charge owner Tim Washington said: “Our company is working with a smart light pole company to deploy the first of these smart street lights in Australia. There is already one available. This type of smart street light pole ensures the power of the camera. The LED street light is also equipped. In addition, the light pole is also equipped with wireless hotspot and electric vehicle charging function. Our company also contributes to the design and production of the product, aiming to verify the effect of the intelligent street light on the charging of the electric vehicle, which is currently being verified. Its feasibility.”