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China’s 5G commercial license is about to be released, and it has five advantages in combination with LED street lights.

China Xinhua News Agency, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will issue 5G commercial licenses in the near future. It can be expected that after the issuance of commercial licenses, 5G will usher in a round of construction boom. This boom is reflected in many aspects, one of which is that many regions have […]


Huawei’s smart street light layout

From 2016, after Huawei released the first multi-level intelligent control lighting Internet of Things solution at CeBIT 2016, the world’s largest ICT technology exhibition, Huawei began a strong explosion in the field of urban street lighting, from NB-IoT to the current hot wisdom pole. Huawei has become a leader in the industry. Through the intelligent […]


Intelligent LED street lights can facilitate the deployment of 5G base stations

At present, intelligent LED street lights with multiple functions can monitor traffic and public safety, display public information, and have another role in the development of smart cities: 5G base station equipment can be installed on street lamp posts. As a typical European smart city, Barcelona has been moving in this direction since 2008. The […]


Australia launches smart light pole pilot project to provide wireless network and electric vehicle charging services

According to foreign media reports, the new “smart” street lights with electric vehicle charging function have been deployed to Sydney, which means that electric car owners can use this device to charge their cars. Up to now, such charging outlets provide free charging services for owners of electric vehicles, which is undoubtedly a good news. […]


Dublin also plans to replace traditional street lights with LED lighting

Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is planning to use LED lighting to replace traditional public street lights to launch smart city applications. It is reported that the Dublin City Government proposed the project and plans to replace 40,000 urban street lights with LED lights. At the same time, the city will install […]


India’s Andhra Pradesh accelerates the construction of LED street lighting projects

According to Indian media reports, India’s Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu set a goal to create a world record in smart street lighting projects and has instructed officials to take steps to launch the Alert Management System (AMS).  The AMS system is a global standard delivery mechanism for handling complaints related to LED […]

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