Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

2020 is a special year for the whole world. The new coronavirus puts people all over the world in danger and self-isolation. However, the good news is that we already know how to deal with this terrible virus, and a vaccine will be produced soon. We believe that humans will be able to eliminate the virus soon and return to normal life.

October 1, 2020 is the Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional festival for Chinese all over the world. We hope that in this special reunion festival, every employee and customer of HiTECH LED can reunite with their families and enjoy the festival happily.

We hereby inform our customers that our company’s Mid-Autumn Festival holiday starts on October 1, 2020 and ends on October 6, 2020. During this period, if you have any needs, customers and friends can contact your sales staff via email or WhatsApp at any time.

Thanks again to all employees and customers of HiTECH LED, and I hope you all have a happy holiday.