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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

Nine months have passed since 2021. The variant of the new coronavirus is still spreading all over the world. It has profoundly affected the lives and work of people all over the world. The good news is that the vaccine has been officially vaccinated all over the world, and societies in some countries. Order is […]


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

2020 is a special year for the whole world. The new coronavirus puts people all over the world in danger and self-isolation. However, the good news is that we already know how to deal with this terrible virus, and a vaccine will be produced soon. We believe that humans will be able to eliminate the […]


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2019

The Mid-Autumn Festival is our Chinese traditional festival and falls on August 15th of the lunar calendar. Along with the old myths of “Cháng’é bēn yuè”, this festival is handed down to today. In the ancient past, there was a hero named Hou Yi who was excellent at archery. His wife was Chang’e. One year, […]