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Lighting Europe calls for allowing UVC lighting products to enter the European market

Recently, the European Lighting Association (Lighting Europe) issued a message calling for permission to allow UVC products to enter the European market. Lighting Europe fully recognizes the latest UVC safety guidelines issued by the Global Lighting Association (GLA) in May and calls on all EU member states to ensure that UVC lighting products can continue […]


After the hand sanitizer is out of stock, can I use a UV lamp to “hand wash”?

With the global shortage of hand sanitizers, many people have turned to “natural hand sanitizers”-ultraviolet lamps. During the coronavirus epidemic, ultraviolet lamps are undoubtedly second only to toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other necessities, so can it really kill the new coronavirus? Will improper use cause any harm to human body? The International Ultraviolet Association […]


New York City will use powerful ultraviolet lights to kill new coronaviruses in subways and buses

According to foreign media The Verge, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) is dealing with the problem of a record low in subway and bus passengers during the New Crown epidemic. According to the New York Daily News, the Transport Department will begin using powerful ultraviolet light in subways and buses as part of […]