Home smart lighting is booming, driving cross-border technical cooperation

Driven by intelligent and automated high-tech, the smart home industry has entered a period of rapid development. In 2018, global smart homes, including equipment, systems and services, will account for nearly $96 billion in consumer spending, and will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10% over the next five years (2018-2023) and will […]


LED Engin launches the world’s first 50W seven-core LED illuminator

According to foreign media reports, LED Engin, Osram’s business unit based in San Jose, Calif., announced the launch of the LZ7 Plus. LED Engin claims that the LZ7 Plus is the world’s first 50W seven-core LED illuminator. Osram pointed out that stage luminaires have evolved from providing ultra-bright illumination with narrow beams to more complex […]


A smart LED stud is installed on a road in the UK to help the driver stay in the correct lane

According to foreign media reports, the England Highway Company installed 175 airport runway LED spikes to help drive a lane at one of England’s busiest freeway intersections, which have more than 90,000 vehicles passing through each day. In addition, this smart LED stud will turn on when the traffic light turns green, helping the drive […]


Shenzhen Light Show: 1.18 million LED point light source linkage performance

In order to celebrate China’s 40 years of reform and opening up, this year, Shenzhen organized the implementation of landscape lighting enhancement activities to create a beautiful and comfortable lighting environment with the prosperity and charm of the modern city, creating a public cultural space for the citizens and tourists. Before the end of June, […]


25% tariff strikes, Chinese mainland LED manufacturers are greatly affected

The latest US plan to impose a 25% tariff on Chinese-made products from January 1, 2019, is expected to cause LED lighting suppliers to reduce orders to Chinese manufacturers and transfer some orders to other Asian countries. In the latest published tariff list, more than 30 kinds of LED lighting products are included, accounting for […]


Enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival 2018!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is our Chinese traditional festival and falls on August 15th of the lunar calendar. Along with the old myths of “Cháng’é bēn yuè”, this festival is handed down to today. To us, the Middle Autumn Day symbolizes reunion & harvest, counting a lot. On this day, all our family members gather together, […]


Mean well launches ELG(C)-300W constant current LED driver

Mean well provides customers with more power products for the best-selling ELG-C series with high bay lights/street lights/outdoor projectors, and an ELGC-300 (300W) series. The main features of the ELGC-300 (300W) series are the continuation of the ELG-C series of long-length design, which can be used with general high bay lights, street lights or outdoor […]


India’s Andhra Pradesh accelerates the construction of LED street lighting projects

According to Indian media reports, India’s Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu set a goal to create a world record in smart street lighting projects and has instructed officials to take steps to launch the Alert Management System (AMS).  The AMS system is a global standard delivery mechanism for handling complaints related to LED […]


Delta assists Taoyuan to build a smart city LED street light energy saving more than 70%

Recently, Delta has invited the Taoyuan Municipal Government to participate in the “Taoyuan Smart Street Light Forum” to share Delta’s experience in building smart city infrastructure at home and abroad in recent years. Delta has been developing LED smart street light solutions since 2010. Up to now, it has installed more than 600,000 LED street […]


Seoul Semiconductor Innovation LED SunLike Selected for IES 2018 Results Report

Seoul Semiconductor, leading the global LED production and technology innovators, LED ‘SunLike’ series was selected by the American Lighting Engineering Association IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) ‘2018 IES Progress Report’, the product superior performance was recognized. As a recognized authority on lighting technology and education in the United States, IES annually mines products, research, and design […]


New way for LiFi data transmission: LED lights

According to foreign media reports, British telecommunications operator O2 UK has announced a new technology test called LiFi, which allows the use of LED lights instead of radio waves to transmit large amounts of data. The trial, conducted in conjunction with PureLiFi, is part of a series of network testing initiatives conducted by O2 UK […]


Cree employees are suspected of stealing more than $100 million worth of trade secrets

According to relevant information, a staff member of Cree was accused of allegedly stealing trade secrets and was arrested on June 18. Cree accused the 47-year-old employee, Coy Brevard Bell, of stealing the company’s $100 million trade secret. The investigation into the alleged theft began when another Cree employee found a lost microSD card near […]